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Westports' Priority: Social Obligations For Pulau Indah

PORT KLANG, 3 DECEMBER 2008 - Westports Malaysia, being among the country's top-notch ports, has not forsaken its social obligations despite striving to boost the quality of the company's daily operations.

For Westports, its presence at Pulau Indah is not merely for business reasons.

Formerly known as Pulau Lumut, the island used to be an area immense with mangrove swamps located not far from the Selangor coast.

However, thanks to Westports' strategic development plans, Pulau Indah is now an island having in its possession various infrastructure and amenities for the comfort of the some 6,000 residents.

Apart from this, Pulau Indah is set to wear the 'port city' image with the implementation of a RM4.0 billion integrated project known as the Pulau Indah Industrial Park (PIIP).

This project is set to steer the island towards development in various sectors including that in the social aspect.

Poverty Eradivcation Programme

Westports sees its responsibility at Pulau Indah in developing the housing areas, educational institutions, community programmes and many more that it feels necessary to improve the living quality of residents there.

"For those living in poverty, their daily life appears to be as if after being struck by the Tsunami. This should not happen in a rapidly developing nation," said Westports executive Director Ruben Emir Gnanalingam.

Therefore Westports' focus is towards uplifting the standard of living for Pulau Indah people so that no more 'poverty' exists there.

Embracing the belief that economic development should involve the locals, Westports has outlined several policies to wipe out poverty since its establishment in 1994.

Among these policies are:

  • Providing financial assistance and job opportunities
  • Improving living quality of Pulau Indah population
  • Providing better education quality and health services for Pulau Indah residents

Now close to 60 percent of Westports' employees are residents of Pulau Indah and about 70 percent of the total Westports' workers are Bumiputera.

Social Contributions

According to Ruben, the drop in the poverty rate gauges the success of Westports' poverty eradication programme.

Each year, Westports contributed more than RM5 million for various community projects at Pulau Indah.

Among these noble contributions are:

  • RM80,000 in annual grants from 1998 until 2003 for the residents' social and welfare programmes
  • increasing the annual grants to RM100,000 from 2004
  • refurbishing and repairing homes damaged by gale-force winds in March 2006 dan June 2007
  • RM200 monthly assistance for each of 50 needy families.

Westports also carried out work to construct and repair the school, recreational facilities, public telephone booths, clinic, community hall, roads and various other infrastructures at Pulau Indah.

A special monthly cash assistance of RM50 each is also given to the deserving orphans and under-privileged people.

Westports has set up a community clinic for the convenience of the island's residents who need urgent medical assistance or treatment for minor injuries as well as for women in labour.

Free medical consultation and checks, medications and an ambulance are also provided for the islanders.

The education aspect of the residents' children is one sector among Westports' priorities.

Hence, Westports has not failed to provide better facilities for Pulau Indah schools as well as equipping the computer laboratories well apart from staging regular examination workshops and clinics.

Senior Citizens

Westports also showed its appreciation for the senior citizens by treating them at a function in conjunction with the nation's 50th Merdeka anniversary last year.

Westports invited these senior citizens, most of them parents of the company's employees to show its respect and appreciation for the contributions of the older generations for the country's progress and prosperity.

In a nutshell, Westports has sincerely dished out its commitment to bring changes and development to the remotely located Pulau Indah that was once regarded as a sleepy hollow.

Now, Westports' efforts have tremendously improved the living standard of people in Pulau Indah and apart from the much improved infrastructures and amenities, Westports has also brought the residents closer to the company's 'heart and soul'.

Source: Bernama