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Tan Sri Gnanalingam receives Old Putra of the year award from RMC

6 AUGUST 2010, PORT KLANG - Westports Executive Chairman, Tan Sri G. Gnanalingam was awarded the Old Putra of the year award recently by the the Old Putera Association, the official alumni for the prestigious Royal Military College (RMC), for his contributions to the nation.

The award recognizes Tan Sri Gnanalingam's role for infusing a new dynamism into the port business, revolutionizing the port industry with his innovative concepts of Fastport Standards, Gardenport and Flexiport. Westports today is a billion dollar company, with billion dollars in revenue and handles 5 million containers.

"Under his leadership, Westports has revolutionized the port industry in the region by pioneering the innovative concepts such as Fastport standards. As a result, Westports today is well known for productivity and fast turnaround of vessels, boosting the nation's image the world over," the association said during the award ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.

The awarding committee also recognized Tan Sri Gnanalingam's "achievements in turning Westports into one of the most successful international ports in the world despite the recent worldwide economic slowdown."

"We are linking more of our business communities to the rest of the world and to grow trade and businesses. We look forward to providing more sea links between the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world. Sea links between countries play an integral part in strengthening nations economically, socially and politically, and we are committed to helping achieve this," said Tan Sri Gnanalingam.

Tan Sri Gnanalingam has tirelessly championed Malaysia's port industry, especially the positioning of Port Klang as the 13th largest container port in the world. Through Westports, he has helped grown the haulier industry from a mere 5 in the early 1990s to more than 150 today. In 16 years, Westports grew from its first million TEU in 2000 to nearly 5 million TEUs in 2008, connectivity to more than 300 ports and staff strength of 3,500, 72% of whom are Bumiputeras.

In terms of community and social services, Tan Sri Gnanalingam's work is well-known among the people in Pulau Indah, Port Klang, where Westports is located. Due to efforts by Westports, the poverty level on the island dropped tremendously over the years.

Tan Sri G, as he is affectionately known, is well known for his generosity and social work but spending over RM106mil recently to resolve the 26-year-long issue concerning shareholders of Maika Holdings would probably be one of the largest acts of personal rescue seen in the country.

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