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Westports Sets New World Benchmark...reigns in productivity with 734 mph

16 MARCH 2010, PORT KLANG - Westports Malaysia's operations team has once again shown its dexterity and skills in container handling when it managed to hit crane productivity of an awesome 734 moves in a single hour of operations with nine-crane deployment.

This feat was performed on March 9 while working on CSCL Pusan, a 9,600 TEU vessel belonging to China Shipping. A total of 5,244 moves was achieved on this vessel, which sails on the AEX 7 service (eastbound).

The port's efficiency and good teamwork have once again upped the productivity achieved on a single hour to 734 moves across the vessel. The productivity achieved over such a large volume of moves across the vessel continues to boost the port's status as the World's Best 5 for Productivity and a leading mega transshipment hub in the region.

In announcing the world feat, Westports Executive Director, Mr. Ruben Emir Gnanalingam said; "The team's objective was to break the previous CSCL vessel record of 263 moves per hour (mph) while Westports overall record was 665 mph done on a CMA vessel in 2008. What we achieved was not only breaking the terminal record, but also the world record for the highest move in a single hour, which was an impressive 734 mph or 940 TEUs."

"The Team which made this thundering achievement was Group B during 2000 to 2100 hours operation. Their high rate of productivity automatically beat the previous hour record of 665 mph or 841 TEUs. The new mark is equivalent to 487 spreader moves, beating the previous spreader move of 436 done on CMA CGM Orfeo last year," noted Mr. Ruben who attributed the productivity feat to the port's skilful staff.

"The 9 operators who made this possible, namely Mohd Noor bin Salleh, Khairul Nizam bin Awang, Saroji bin Sabudin, Ahmad Subhei bin Yahya, Sargunan Sevam, Badrul Hisham bin Tajudin, Hamidi bin Tohak, Ramis Krishnasamy and Ramli Ismail, have all displayed high level of skills, determination and brilliance. They have set yet another new standard for terminal operations," added Mr. Ruben.

Mr. Ruben pointed out that this feat was a great team effort displayed by all quarters beginning from the planning department to the maintenance and repair team who were on 24 hours standby to ensure that the entire operations was executed without any delay. In addition, landside operations were coordinated to achieve this feat.

The container operations teams are now working towards achieving performance record on other lines calling Westports.

"More critical is our commitment to continue to deliver value to our customers by focusing on setting new standards of service delivery like this record-breaking performance, and working with them in many other ways through our total customer support program to achieve a long-term win-win partnership," noted Mr. Ruben.

Meanwhile, China Shipping's Operations Manager Mr. Bobby Ong has lauded Westports container operations team saying, "For a terminal which is in the middle of a Far East - Europe route, Westports is unique for it's extremely good productivity."

Source: New Straits Times