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The Advantages Of The Buddy System

The ‘Buddy System’ is considered as one of the best ways to ensure orientation and retention. When the ‘Buddy System’ is applied correctly, it accelerates the productivity of employees and enhance their job satisfaction. Additionally, such system helps build an immediate personal connection among the employees and the organization.

Westports’ Training and Development team led by Mr Jesvinder conducted a session on the ‘Buddy System’ recently. A total of 430 TTOs and 88 Stowage Clerks took part in this programme. 

One of the key functions of the system, is to enable new employees to feel welcome into the organization. The senior employees paired with the new and younger employees, tend to act as a buffer and point of interaction.

For instance, new hires may feel uncomfortable asking questions for fear of appearing incompetent in front of the colleagues and superiors. This is where the ‘Buddies’ come in and fill the gap by making themselves available for questions.

Westports ensures a seasoned employee who has a wide understanding of our organizational practices and culture to be selected as a successful ‘Buddy’ candidate

Additionally, the ‘Buddy System’ also promotes teamwork, motivation and a positive attitude towards the organization.

 The event was officiated by Mr Anuar and Mr Rauf from the Training and Development department.