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Future Westportians?

 For the first time in their lives, the form 4 students from SMK Pulau Indah were able to experience the thrill and challenges of working in a port. A total of 39 students and three teachers joined the Career Exploration Program organised by our HR department.

The program started off with a safety briefing which is crucial to new port visitors. Our safety team took their time to explain the necessary safety measures to the students.

Immediately after that, the students got their PPE's (Personal Protective Equipment) from our safety team and learned how to equip the PPE correctly.

As the bus drove into the port, Ms Firdaus explained the various machinery and vehicles that operate within the port area.

We took a short pit stop and allowed some lucky kids to have a go at our quay crane simulator. Mr Anuar and Mr Bala shared their experiences in the port with the kids and also guided them with the quay crane simulator. The simulator became an instant hit with the kids! They felt as though they were pilots from Star Wars!

Our next destination was the CT4 admin building. The students and teachers met with our dedicated vessel planners and got the chance to have a look at how we do our vessel planning. After a short photography session, it was time for us to head towards CT7.

Once we reached CT7, the excitement level of the kids got higher. Even the teachers could not hold their excitement! They were all amazed by the sheer size of our majestic Quay Cranes and the length of our wharf area.

Next, was the Marshalling 2 building where the students got the chance to hear a career talk from Ms Rohgini. She explained about the various job opportunities that are available here in Westports. The talk concluded with a Q&A session, followed by gift giving ceremony.

Finally, Cikgu Idris thanked Westports for the Career Exploration Program and the career talk. He believes the program will enlighten the students about the port industry and the opportunities that lie within.