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Increasing Employee Engagement

Increasing employee engagement is part of our strategic priority here at Westports. We want our employees to drive innovation and move our business forward. We believe constant engagement with our employees will drive them to go the extra mile, work with passion and feel a profound connection with our organisation.

One of our major programs for 2017 is the Employee Engagement program which began on the 7th of February 2017. Over the course of the next four months, the Training & Development department has conducted 14 sessions which were participated by 1139 Wesportians who represented the Container Operations team.

The program is designed to four major parts.  Firstly, participants will create their flag and emblem which will represent their group throughout the program. This flag will be with them wherever they go, until the end of the program.

The next event is the Amazing Race. Specific checkpoints are placed throughout, but to get to these checkpoints, participants will have to overcome various obstacles that are in place. Every time a team beats an obstacle, a loud cheer can be heard around the area.

The third activity is the Musical Marching whereby each team is required to choreograph their march-dance moves.  Finally, every EEP Session ends with the Oath taking ceremony.

Throughout the EEP, the feedback has been fantastic. With each passing session, the program has been able to amplify the positivity among the employees, resulting in improved teamwork, coordination and ultimately, increased productivity in the Container Operations Department.