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Engaging Program for Westportians

The first quarter of 2017 has been brimming with activities throughout the port. One of the standout events has to be the Employee Engagement Program organised by the T&D department.

The program is led by the Head of the T&D department Mr Jesvinder. He is assisted by his fellow compatriots Mr Viknesh, Mr Anuar, Mr Abdul Rauf & six other committee members.

Besides that, the modules for the Employee Engagement Program were crafted with care by some of our most experienced trainers in the port such as Mr Noor Azmer (who is also known as “Cikgu Azmer among us).

The program has been initiated with the goal to encourage teamwork and cooperation among the operations staffs.

Furthermore, the program focuses on educating the teams to the culture of Westports.

Mr Jesvinder and team have organised a very structured plan for the year with a total of 24 days to be utilised throughout the year to carry out the Employee Engagement Program.

In fact, various activities have been completed since February. Employees took part in “The Amazing Race” and “Musical Marching”. It was an incredible sight to see these hardworking employees loosen up and have some fun among themselves.

The most active and outstanding teams were awarded gifts and hampers as a token of appreciation for their effort and support towards the program.

The Employee Engagement Program is held at the “Dewan Budaya Tan Sri G” with an estimated participation of almost 120 employees each session from Container Operations.

Finally, the feedback by the staffs has been positive. They are keen to take part in similar programs in the future.