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Shaping Employees With Our Culture

We at Westports pride ourselves on our unique culture that motivates and drives our employees to produce the best results. Employees should never dread to come to work. Instead, they should look forward to their daily jobs. As a matter of fact, our management team here at Westports, especially our HR team, have worked hard over the last two decades to create a competitive and rewarding environment for the employees.

It is our firm belief that jobs should not provoke stress in employees. The work may be tough, but the culture we have designed has proven to alleviate the work-related stress.

The evolution of our culture throughout the years reflects brightly on the attitude of our employees. Westportians believe the attitude and process of treating the key business as if one’s life depended on it. It is about the determination to stay focused and committed to delivering positive results. Wesports cultivates a tremendous sense of urgency and priority in every employee.

Additionally, we work together as a family and practice candour, open communications and solve any issues or problems together. Things are done with good thoughts, good intentions and good deeds. Westports is a big family where everyone is treated with respect.

Teamwork is another integral part of our strong culture. Westports believes in collective and cooperative teamwork which contributes to the achievement of the company’s vision.

We also emphasise heavily on accountability and integrity. Integrity is the bedrock which trust is built and is the secret key to our success. Our employees are embedded with a deep feeling of trust and integrity which provides a positive work environment.

Over the years, the uniqueness of our culture has also become a recruiting tool. Westports’ working environment, transparency and employee freedom have allowed us to attract top talents. The minute they walk in the office, they know that this is a different place with a unique culture.