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Rebuilding a home, rebuilding a family

The story of Mak Cik Rokiah (not her real name) is a sad one. After her husband was down with a severe stroke, she lost all source of income. She was all on her own, struggling to make ends meet, and at the same time juggling to raise two children.

Upon hearing her plight, Westports immediately deployed its Engineering Department to help ease Mak Cik Rokiah’s burden.

The multi-talented engineers decided to extend her house by constructing an additional room for Mak Cik Rokiah to take care of her sick husband.

Furthermore, the team replaced the wooden bridge which connected her house to the nearest road with a much sturdier concrete bridge.

The team then equipped the room with all the required electrical and plumbing amenities.

Moreover, the guys from the Engineering department did not stop there as they also helped to clean the surrounding areas of Mak Cik Rokiah’s house.

Finally, the completed room was painted and was ready for use.

The project began on 1st of March 2017 and completed within two weeks. It is important to note that the collective effort by the whole team made sure the construction and cleaning process went smoothly.

Most importantly, we at Westports hope that this endeavour would lighten Mak Cik Rokiah’s burden and bring cheer and joy to her family.