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English Day At Westports

Who says learning should be boring? On March 28th, Westports’ T.A.N.S.R.I.G. Hall was filled with the scream and laughter of children from SK Pulau Indah 2. They were brought to Westports to take part in English Day activities, which was organised by the Human Resources department.

At around 8.00 a.m., the students arrived in Westports by their school bus. Joy and enthusiasm shown on their faces, as a port is indeed a fascinating place for school kids aged ten years old.

After having light breakfast, the students watched the movie “Zootopia” – about the adventure of Officer Judy Hopps, a bunny who became a police officer in a city called Zootopia, investigating unexplained disappearances of citizens. The screening was held at the Auditorium.

After watching the movie, a set of questions was prepared for the students to answer. The students were keen to answer these questions with them competing against each other to be chosen.

A more wholesome breakfast followed the movie show. After filling up their stomachs, the students were then escorted by Westports staffs to the T.A.N.S.R.I.G. Hall. Marching side by side, the students were so excited to see what’s in store for them at the multipurpose hall.

At the multipurpose hall, some activities were prepared by the HR department for the students to complete. There were quizzes that requires them to answer questions in English while playing snakes and ladders, games such as blowing a ping pong ball across water-filled cups, and transporting paper cups using strings and forming a pyramid.

After completing each activity, the students would have to answer a set of questions about English-language grammar and vocabularies. The students showed good teamwork, as each of them contributed to complete the quizzes, games, and questions.

The final session was one that everyone was waiting for, as the students performed some performances in English. They performed sketches, sang nursery rhymes, dances to pop songs, and choral speaking. It was incredible to see many talents on the stage!

By about 1.00 p.m., after all the prizes were given to the participants, it was time to say goodbye. The students were provided with packed lunch and went off to their homes. Although they were tired, by the time the children left Westports, their faces were beaming with joy.