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Experiencing Nature

Sometimes we forget how beautiful nature is. More so in this time and age where climate change is a critical matter. We at Westports believe one of the best ways to combat climate change and to protect our nature is by educating the younger generation.  As the champions of environmental CSR programs, the Marketing Department of Westports welcomed the students of SMK Pulau Indah for a CSR event at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Kepong.

The goal was to educate the children on the importance of preserving our forests and environment. Additionally, the program allowed the students to embrace and cherish the natural beauty of the woods.

Experienced Forest Rangers also took part in the program. They provided a lot of advice to the students and also for the Marketing Team on the importance of preserving a clean environment and at the same time, to respect and appreciate Mother Nature.

After the talk, the students formed groups of five and took part a brief Treasure Hunt activity, which also served as a stress reliever for the students as they just sat for their mid-term examinations.

At the end of the day, the feedback by the students was extremely positive. Moreover, Cikgu Azmi from SMK Pulau Indah was very grateful for the CSR program organised by our Marketing Team and would like to be part of our future programs as well.