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Special Kids with Special Needs

The Finance Department lead by Ms Khoo Theng Fei, paid a visit to Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Indah 2 recently with the mission to contribute to the Special Kids in the school.

Recognizing the need to improve the motor skills of these kids, our Finance Department brought along a host of interactive items to be donated. The Spring Board attracted most of the children as it allowed them to jump around with joy.

In addition to the SpringBoard, there were other apparatus’ which were contributed by our Finance Department. Each item is serving a different need in improving the motor skills of these Special Children.

Things got engaging when the Yoga Ball came into the picture as even our Wesportians joined in the fun to learn how to balance themselves on it.

Next up was the birthday celebration for our beloved Ms Yeap Tze Ping and a teacher from SKPI2,  Puan Syima. The cake cutting ceremony was full of laughter and joy as the kids shared the moment with our birthday ladies and Wesports’ very own mascot.

The event continued with the arrival of A&W followed by a fun filled game session. The day ended with a prize giving ceremony for the kids and an enjoyable lunch session.