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Infusing Technology to Elevate Productivity

Embracing technology and innovation is necessary for the continuous improvement of our port operations. Over the years, Westports have invested in some tech related areas to improve productivity.

One of it is the addition of tablet devices (CTAB) which are being used to perform a physical check for containers that are discharged and loaded on the vessel.

Previously, the stowage clerks were required to carry a PDA, Bay-plan Documents and a walkie talkie to execute their tasks.

With the tablet devices, planning and operations have become smoother. For instance, crucial information and updates run on a real-time basis, namely, direct uploading of vessel bay-plans into the tablet.

Alternatively, the tablet devices enable our stowage clerks to have a graphical view of the bay plan. As a matter of fact, this particular feature allows our stowage clerks to have a better view of the stacking position of containers through the tablet devices.

Moreover, performance monitoring stats such as moves done, view of work queue sequence and records of per-check done can also be monitored in real time.

As well as saving time and accuracy in record keeping, it has reduced paper usage. Finally, the tablets are up to date with industry standards with regards to software functionality and customization for future needs.