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Revitalized Futsal Court

The Planning team from Westports (Yard, Vessel & Berth) were in Kg Perigi Nenas recently for a CSR program. The CSR program is part of Westports’ initiative to look after the well-being of the people of Pulau Indah.

The team identified a particular Futsal Court within Kg Perigi Nenas, to be refurbished. This particular court is the main attraction for the villagers especially youngsters every evening.

Since the court is the focal point of the residents for sporting activities, it is important to maintain the physical appearance of the court, as it not only serves as a sporting ground, but it also acts as a communal gathering spot for the villagers.

Hence, the Planning team decided to refurbish the futsal court for the residents of Kg Perigi Nenas.

The team cleaned up the surrounding area of the court and then proceeded to paint the goal posts and the fences to make the court look more attractive.

The village head, Tuan Hamdan, was incredibly grateful to Westports for the CSR program. He believes the new look of the Futsal Court will be a boost to all those who utilise the court for their daily activities.