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Engineering Squad from Westports refurbishes “Tabika Kemas Baitul Ilmi” in Pulau Indah

Research has shown that school facilities have a profound impact on both teacher and student outcomes. Good facilities affect teacher recruitment, retention and commitment. Similarly, an excellent education facility will affect the health, behaviour, engagement and learning of a student.

Without adequate facilities and resources, it is challenging to serve a large number of students and teachers. However, with the right initiative and contribution, any educational institution can be revitalised.

“Tabika Kemas Baitul Ilmi” has been operating for the past 19 years and it now has a total of 4 teachers and 70 students. The condition of the kindergarten has deteriorated over the past couple of years.

The Engineering team, consisting the units from Civil, Mechanical and Hydrography worked as one in completing their mission to refurbish “Tabika Kemas Baitul Ilmi”.  The team started off by laying a new concrete floor for the kindergarten as the older floor was in a very poor condition.

Next, they replaced the old, rusty fencing with a new sturdier one. This new fencing is also to improve the security of the kindergarten. The Engineering team then went on to clear up the compound of the kindergarten and its surrounding area.

Furthermore, the old recreational swings were replaced with new ones.  The kindergarten also got some electrical upgrades in new lights and lamps.

As their previous CSR initiatives, the Engineering team from Westports have once again completed another project in improving the livelihood of the resident of Pulau Indah, specifically the students and the teachers of “Tabika Kemas Baitul Ilmi”.

Although improving the quality of an education facility is an expensive undertaking, Westports will continue to contribute to the cause to improve the education standards in Pulau Indah and Malaysia.