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M&R Training Session conducted by Fuji Electronics

The M&R Department of Westports welcomed three engineers from Fuji Electronics(OEM) manufacturer based in Singapore to conduct a training session with our QC technicians. The training module focused on the Fuji Drive VG1 Inverter. A total of eight Westports Technician from the QC Section attended the training.

Mr.Tanabiki, Mr.Jacky and Mr.Khairil shared their knowledge on the necessary modules and methods to conduct a proper system check. The technicians were exposed on the utilisation of the correct tools to ensure all components are well maintained.

Besides that, the technicians had the opportunity to go up the cranes to have a feel of the ways and steps to conduct a proper maintenance without ignoring any of the safety factors.

The Training and Development department of Westports would like to convey its heartfelt thanks to Fuji Electric and its Engineers for their excellent training session.