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In-House Modification

A group of talented spreader team technicians lead by Mr Hairudin, took up the mantle to re-modify our Spreader Carrier Trailer. Previously, our Spreader Carrier Trailer was only able to mount a single spreader, and it was counterproductive during QC Spreader changing processes. 

The idea was initiated by the M&R team, and the objective was to modify the Spreader Carrier Trailer whereby it will be able to mount two spreaders at the same time.

The modification was done successfully by Mr Hairuddin and his team of experts. The initiative has enabled the operations team to reduce their downtime by 20 mins and improve the overall productivity during QC Spreader replacements. Additionally, it is also fuel saving for the TTs as it only takes one cycle to complete the spreader change.

 The project went through a series of tests before implementation. Currently, Westports have nine double carrier trailers for spreader changing processes.