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Westports Continues Its Positive Outlook

In the light of the challenges the industry faced in 2016, Westports have broken all norms with a remarkable performance by reaching another milestone in handling a container throughput of 9.95 million which is a record-breaker itself compared to 2015.

The newly formed alliances by the shipping lines will influence the movements of the container volume throughout the region and rest of the world beginning of April 2017. Nevertheless, we at Westports are extremely confident and positive on our outlook regardless of the changes that are happening.

As one of the leading transhipment hubs in the region, it is no surprise that we held 76% of market share of container volume throughput in Port Klang.

In addition to that, with an outstanding workforce, exemplary operations and fantastic productivity, we are well prepared to deliver the very best and overcome whatever challenges the industry is about to face.

Furthermore, we have always been relentlessly committed to accommodating the growing requirements of our customers. This passion and commitment have reflected positively in our achievements over the past years.

Westports in now a mega hub for both local and transhipment containers. Our handling capacity has been increased to 12 million TEUS with a target of expanding to 16 million TEUS annually upon the completion of CT9.