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Safety At Towering Heights

The risks involved when working at height is substantially higher than working at ground level. However, with proper knowledge, training and discipline to follow a set guidelines, workers will be able to accomplish what they need to at height without putting themselves into serious risks.

At Westports, we organise a continuous string of safety training throughout the year to educate our workers on the importance of working at height. One of the most crucial parts of our operations is to ensure the safety of our employees.

The training provided consists of both theory and practical lessons. Participants will be exposed to the use of proper equipment, rescue plans, planning, and risks involved.

For instance, the type of equipment varies based on the job the workers attempt to do. Primarily working at height requires them to check the wear and tear of their equipment regularly to identify possible problems the equipment may cause.

Working at height is always a risk. Hence, a solid rescue plan is also crucial. The training conducted usually emphasise on this particular aspect. Practising rescue plans makes it more likely that workers will be effective in helping to resolve and emergency situation.

The safety training is aimed at our QC Technicians, RTG Technicians and WEX personnel. The two-day training modules conducted have been hugely successful as it has improved worker knowledge and strengthened workplace safety here at Westports.