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Size Doesn't Matter

The steady increase in global trade and the vast amount of traded goods are not only standardized cargoes but also a selection of large and bulky heavy loads. These heavy loads are often oversized and impossible to split over different scheduled services. They need to be transported from one place to another in a single transport planning.

On 25th July 2017, Conventional Operations together with Megalift Sdn Bhd, successfully coordinated and loaded a 130-tonne project cargo.

To transport the cargo, it took the combined expertise and coordination by both Westports’ Conventional Operations Team and Megalift Sdn Bhd who specialize in handling complex cargoes like this. The 130 Tonne object was transported from PKFZ to Westports to be loaded on the vessel KHB 1505.

 The transportation and operations involved several parties including:

1.    Port Police (Escort)

2.    Safety (EHS)

3.    Container Operations

4.    Container Planning & Logistics

All of the above was successfully coordinated by Mr Yunus (Berth Planning Manager) and Mr Sarkuna (Break Bulk Manager) and thanks to the cooperation of all of the above parties, the operations was a success.