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Scheduled Waste Management

Proper waste management can help deter irreparable damage to the environment. At Westports, we understand the danger of improper waste management can cause to the environment and the ecosystem as a whole. Hence, we have always taken a systematic and cautious approach in handling our wastes.

Ongoing training on waste management is part of our measures in preventing pollution to the environment and surrounding the port premises. As part of this initiative, the M & R department, together with the Environmental Safety & Health unit, often organise a waste management course for its members.

The training course focuses on both theory and practical side of scheduled waste management. Additionally, the participants learn the correct methods to store, pack, label and to dispose of waste. It is important to educate individuals on the hazards involved during waste disposal. With the knowledge and training provided, unwanted incidents can be avoided

Over the last couple of years, Westports has implemented proper management and control measures relating to using, handling, storing, packing, labelling and disposing of scheduled and general waste to prevent pollution to the environment surrounding the port premises. We handled 121 tonnes of scheduled waste in 2015 compared to 188 tonnes in 2014. In 2016, the total scheduled waste increased to 255 tonnes.