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Green Port Initiatives

The worldwide push to go – green is an important aspect in preserving and protecting our environment.

In fact, we at Westports Malaysia are convinced that going green is an essential part of moving towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly business practice.

Above all, Westports Malaysia has undertaken several energy reducing initiatives. One of it is the Prismalence technology, which has been employed for high mast lights in the port.

Primarily, this system is based on a broad-spectrum CDM light source that is 90% equivalent to daylight.

The colour of the light is therefore much more comfortable for our port workers and gives much better clarity compared to the high-pressure sodium lights which only use 10-20% of the available spectrum.

Additionally, the implementation of the Prismalence technology has ensured better safety, health and security benefit for Westports and its workers. 

Besides that, these units are very effective in lighting the appropriate areas and capable of reducing light spillage/pollution.

In conclusion, this technology uses less than half the power of equivalent high-pressure sodium systems which leads to energy saving and a more eco – friendly industrial concept.