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Westports Provide In-House Gyms with Professional Fitness Instructors

It is crucial for an organisation to maintain the productivity and innovation of its employees. Therefore, we at Westports have invested heavily in health care and fitness programs for our employees.

As one of the leading organisations in Malaysia, we provide our employees with facilities that contribute to work-life integration. Apart from state-of-the-art and expansive work spaces, Westports also features an in house gym with professional fitness instructors.

Our gym helps our employees to perform stress releasing exercises and keeps them healthy for a better quality of life at home and in the office.

In addition to that, our gym is also equipped with a physiotherapy centre which enables our employees to get their physio sessions done for free.

The gym in Westports also functions as a social gathering space where many employees meet up and work out together, which in return has created a great team spirit among the employees.

We have bolstered our gym recently with some of the latest equipment in the market. Additionally, there are ongoing preparations for the opening of a second gym in Westports.