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Our Milestones

 Feb 2017 Westports achieved another milestone by handling a record container volume of 9.95 million TEUs in 2016, which was an improvement of 10% over the previous year's 9.05m TEUs, which was also a record volume then.
Sep 2016 
Westports Malaysia has launched its magnificent new multi-purpose hall equipped with the state of the art facilities on 20th September. The new facility, to be known as the T.A.N.S.R.I.G. Culture Hall, was officiated by and named after our Executive Chairman. The hall can accommodate up to 600 people and can host international championships, cultural events and also school sports and training activities. 
 June 2015
UASC's 18,800 TEU container vessel MV Barzan made its maiden call at Westports on 4th June 2015.
  Apr 2015
CMA's 18,000 TEU container vessel MV CMA CGM Kerguellen made its maiden call at Westports on 20th April 2015.
 Dec 2014
World's largest container vessel 19,100 TEU MV CSCL Globe made its maiden call at Westports and lifted the 8 millionth TEU container for the port on 19th Dec 2014.
 Sep 2014
The Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharifuddin Idris Shah officiated the launching of our Container Terminal 7 (CT7) on 10th September 2014.
 June 2014 Westports set a new world record for container terminal productivity, notching an impressive 793 moves in one hour over the  CSCL Le Havre (9,572 TEU vessel) with the deployment of nine twin-lift cranes.
 Apr 2014 Westports Holding Berhad held its inaugural Annual General Meeting on 30 April 2014 following its listing on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.
 Mar 2014 Total container throughput rose by 11.7% year-on-year to 1.93 million twenty-foot equivalent units in Q1 2014.
 Mar 2014 Westports reported a record high monthly volume of 693K TEUs in March 2014.
 Dec 2013
Westports recorded total volume of 7.47 Mil TEU in 2013, rose by 8% against 2012.
 Oct 2013
Westports Holdings Bhd has successfully listed in the main market of Bursa Malaysia on 18th October 2013.
 Sep 2013 Westports Holdings Bhd, launched its listing prospectus for its initial public offering (IPO) on 19th September 2013. The event was officiated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
 July 2013  Hamburg Sud, the 12th largest container carrier in the world, is the latest shipping line making Westports its home at Port Klang. Its vessel “Cap San Marco” (9,600 TEU), one of 12 units between 8,500 and 9,600 TEU deployed in the South America Service (ASIA 2), called at Westports Malaysia for the first time on 20th July. 
 Mar 2013 We have completed the 300-meter quay length of CT 6 Phase 2 expansion. The new terminal will mark another milestone to our port as it was designed to handle 18,000 TEU capacity vessels which is the largest in the world in the orderbook.
Jan 2013 Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha launched celebrations marking Westports achieving 50 million TEUs and the berth of the world's largest container ship "MV CMA CGM Marco Polo" at Westports.
Dec 2012 Our total volume handled for the whole year is 6.9 Mil TEU, rose by 8% against 6.4 Mil TEU last year. Port Klang recorded 10.0 Mil TEU, 4% increased against 2011.
Nov 2012 The world’s largest container vessel, CMA CGM’s Marco Polo, a 16,000 TEU ship, made her maiden call at Westports on 19th November 2012.
Feb 2012 Signing ceremony on facilitation fund agreement between Westports, government and Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad for a land reclamation project in Port Klang.
Dec 2011 Westports hits 6 million TEUS for container handling.
Nov 2011 Westports bags Container International Award for Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Westports also bags 4 other awards at Star Outstanding Business Award 2011.
Aug 2011 Westports CEO, Mr Ruben Emir Gnanalingam was awarded the 'Emerging CEO Award' from Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais at the Global Leadership Awards 2011.
May 2011 Maiden call of World's Largest Vessel CSCL Venus from China. Deputy Minister of Finance Dato Donald Lim was present to receive this 14,100 TEUs vessel.
Mar 2010 China Shipping Container Lines Co. Ltd (CSCL) would continue to make Westports Malaysia in Port Klang its mega transshipment hub in South-East Asia. Mr. Ma Zehua, Vice President of China Shipping (Group) Company gave the commitment and assurance when he met Tan Sri G. Gnanalingam, Westports Executive Chairman at the port on March 3. Westports operations team once again shown their dexterity and skills in container handling when they managed to hit crane productivity of an awesome 734 moves in a single hour of operations with a nine-crane deployment. This feat was achieved on March 9 with CSCL Pusan, a 9,600 TEU vessel belonging to China Shipping.
July 2009 CMA CGM opens first dedicated ODD facility at Westports.
Nov 2008 Opening of OOCL's new office at Westports Business Centre.
June 2008 His Royal Highness, the Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafudddin Idris Shah officiated Toyofuji Logistics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd's car terminal at Westports.
Oct 2007 Added another 2 units of super post-Panamax twinlifters to boost productivity and to stay competitive. The 2 new twinlifters, add up to 26 super post-panamax quay cranes, 6 of which are twinlifters.
Dec 2006 Westports' top customer, CMA-CGM hits one million TEUs at Westports in 2006, marking the French-liner's first millionth ever achieved at any port in the world in a single year.
Oct 2006 First port in Port Klang to hit 3 million TEUs (Twenty-foot equivalent units)which firmly placed us on the road to achieve a total container throughput of 3.7 million TEUs for 2006.
We also notched a record 345,000 TEUs for October, which was the highest volume recorded for a single month this year.
Mar 2006 We hit crane productivity with a speed of 452 moves in a single hour of operations with an eight-crane deployment.
Feb 2006 We set a new world record of 421 moves per hour, shattering our previous record of 368 moves per hour achieved three years ago. This was achieved when moving boxes from the MV Rossini which was at the berth for a total of 11.5 hours.
July 2005 We reached our highest container throughput volume ever in a single month for July at a remarkable 267,023 TEUs.
May 2005 Our Conventional Operation team at Westports's Dry Bulk Terminal II achieved a productivity of more than 100%. This unprecedented record was performed whilst working on MV Genco Pioneer.
Apr 2005 Our Container Group B (B' Bravo) set a new record by moving 3346 boxes in a single shift.
Mar 2005 Our Dry Bulk Team unloaded 9,540 MT of maize in 8 hours from the vessel MV Enterprise.
Feb 2005 Our container gate team recorded a turnaround time of an average of 15.5 minutes.
Nov 2004 Our container gate team achieves haulage turnaround time with an average of 19 minutes.