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Human Development

Human Development

Your professional development is the key to our competitive edge. We continuously develop and deliver new learning programs and tools, facilitating best-in-class training and education. Working with the needs of our business unit, we can tailor your own personal learning agenda.

Whether you are an undergraduate, MBA or other advanced degree holder, you are given the freedom to be outstanding!

The programs and the opportunities we offer help you make an impact on our company right from day one.

Thinking forward-looking executives, that's what Westports, one of the top sea ports in the world, is looking for in its future employees. At Westports, you are recognised as an individual with unique career aspirations. Your coaches and mentors will work with you to provide the tools and resources needed to make you successful at your job. Together, we'll will carve the ideal career path that will take you as fast and as far as you want to go.

We invest in creating an environment where the most talented, qualified people want to be - and stay. In short, we thrive on interaction. On our team, everyone counts - and we value your unique way of thinking. Your colleagues will be top-notch, with diverse backgrounds and experiences with one thing in common, to contribute to the success of Westports.