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Roles of a Port

Westports Malaysia plays a pivotal role in international maritime trade and Malaysia's economic development. Below is a breakdown of those roles:

Provides fast connectivity Provides fast connectivity in order to transport the products to its consignees
We handle the inventory and our job is to move the goods out, resulting in quicker turnaround time. We facilitate the delivery consumer goods and other raw materials that keep Malaysia and the rest of the world going.

Provides storage spaceProvides storage space & warehousing facilities
Various types of bulk cargo are stored in our warehouses daily. With total warehouse space of 270,000 sq. ft., easy access to wharfs and state-of-the-art security systems, clients can rest assured that their cargo will be in mint condition by the time they leave the port.

Provides bunkering and other ship related facilitiesProvides bunkering and other ship related facilities
We serve the numerous vessels sailing in the Straits of Malacca by supplying bunker fuel. Port Klang, where we are based, is home to many agencies, classification societies, and surveyors, as well as oil treatment facilities, including slop collection and processing, and sludge treatment.

Boost local employment, Westports employees is 100% local with 72% bumiputra. With current total workforce of more than 4,000, Westports is truly a Malaysian port that upholds the spirit of 1Malaysia.