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Port Layout

Click on the markings below to view our port layout.

Port Layout Legend

Facilities Existing Berths
Container Freight Station
Cement Jetty
Container Terminal Gate
Mineral Bulk Jetty
Tower Block/ Business Centre
Liquid Bulk Terminals
Vehicle Terminal Centre
Break Bulk Terminal/ Dry Bulk Terminal
Conventional Warehouse
Container Terminals
CT4 Admin Building
Future Development
Conventional Gate
Container Terminal Gate 2
Marshalling 2

Cement Terminal Jetty

Cement Terminal Jetty The cement terminal jetty measures 284 m in length and has an alongside depth of 11 m. It has capacity to service vessels carrying up to 35,000 dwt.
Mineral Bulk Jetty

Slag/ Fertilizer Jetty 1 The mineral bulk jetty measures 250 metres in length and has an alongside depth of 12 -13 m. It has capacity to service vessels carrying up to 60,000 dwt.
Liquid Bulk Terminal 

Liquid Bulk Terminal 1,2,3 & 4 Infrastructure & Equipment:
5 berths
1,307 metres total berth length
Handles 90 different types of cargo
Conventional Gate

Conventional Gate Leveraging on the benefits of smart card technology and other IT security measures, Westports is able to monitor access to the conventional terminals real-time and provide pace of mind to shippers when it comes to keeping their cargo safe. With multiple lanes, hauliers are able to easily transport cargo in and out of the port.
Conventional Warehouse

Warehouse-D Warehousing facilities are also provided at Westports. With a total covered warehouse space of 270,000 sq ft, each warehouse can take load loads up to 5 mt per sq m. In addition, the warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art fire fighting systems and are patrolled round the clock by port security personnel.
Tower Block/ Business Centre

Office Tower Business Centre A 18-storey building, the Tower Block is the nerve of Westports, which consists the main administrative offices. The building is fully equipped with an auditorium, cafe, clinic, gymnasium and gallery.

This majestic building also houses the Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) on its rooftop.

Westports business centre is located next to the Tower Block.
Break Bulk Terminal/ Dry Bulk Terminal

General Cargo Quay 1,2,3 & 4 Infrastructure & Equipment:
Break Bulk:
3 berths
600 metres berth length
Handles steel and general cargo

Dry Bulk Terminal 1:
3 berths

Vehicle Terminal

Vehicle Terminal The VTC is the country's most advanced, smart car terminal, with the capacity for processing 100,000 vehicles. This state-of-the-art facility utilizes the vehicle logistics system to process cars and is the best smart car terminal in Southeast Asia. Real time tracking and tracing systems are used in both terminal and vessel, thus providing accurate vehicle status information to customers.
Container Terminal Gate

Container Terminal Gate Like the conventional gate, the container terminal gate incorporates smart card technology and other IT security measures to ensure the safety of the containers in the terminal areas. With multiple lanes, hauliers are easily able to transport containers in and out of the port.
Container Freight Station

Container Freight Station 1,2,3 The Westports container freight station, encompassing 132,000 sq ft provides stuffing/ unstuffing facilities. Equipped with 3 reach stackers, 14 prime movers, our CFS operates from 0800 till 2400 hrs from Monday till Friday, 0800 till 1600 on Saturdays.
Container Terminal

Container Terminal Berth length:
20 berths (15 - 17.5 meter depth)
5,800 meter

Terminal capacity:
14 million TEU capacity per year

67 Quay cranes
185 RTGs
Container Terminal 4 Admin Building

Container Terminal 4 To closely monitor container operations, a new administrative building has been added to Container Terminal 4.
Container Terminal Gate 2

Container Terminal Gate 2 Second container gate for exit purposes has been designed to reduce man power and increase productivity by introducing a kiosk system where hauliers have to tap their Port Pass at the Kiosk and the gate out process will begin.