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Port Pass Information

Westports is gazetted as an Essential Point - Priority 1 by Government of Malaysia.

Therefore, those who wanted to carry out official duties at Westports are required to have a valid legal pass as it's a requirement under Section 4 & 5, Protected Area and Protected Places Act 1959 and Section 84(1) Port Kelang Authority by-Laws (amendments 1985).

A person who wished to enter the port area should have a port-authorised identification card, called a Port Pass. To get a Port Pass, people need to register their company with Westports. Once a person has been registered, then the individual could follow the next procedure to apply for the Port Pass.

When applying for the Port Pass, a person should present himself at the Port Pass office with their original identification documents for verification purposes. The both Company Registration Form and Port Pass application could be downloaded here.

Port Pass Information Port Pass Office : 603 - 3169 4000 ext. 137
Fax  : 603 - 3169 4235
E-mail :
Person In Charge : 012-2351002 - AP/SI Mohd Yusuf Bin Alias