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Smart Card & EDI

Smart Card Security System


As a key maritime port, Westports adheres to strict border and marine security practices. The Smart Card Security System is a security solution that utilizes the smart card technology. Smart cards are issued as an identification and authentication card for all forwarding agents, freight forwarders and hauliers.

The adoption of this technology reduces the risk of loss and theft of containers, thus adding a greater level of assurance to cargo owners. It also enhances security in preventing document forgery as well as authenticates all entries and exits at the port.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Westports is connected electronically to DagangNet that enables the exchange of information between shipping lines, customs and other maritime agencies.

Westports is UN/EDIFACT compliant. Our e-Terminal and terminal operating systems like COSMOS and NGCCS allow the transfer of data files electronically such as:

  • COPARN - Export booking
  • BAPLIE and MOVINS - Stowage instruction and stowage plans
  • COARRI - Loading/discharging container reports
  • COPRAR - Loading/discharging order messages
  • CODECO - Gate movement reports
  • VESDEP - Terminal departure reports
  • INVOIC – Invoice messages
  • IFTDGN - Dangerous goods declarations
  • CUSCAR - Customs manifests