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e-Terminal Plus

e-Terminal Plus


Westports's customer portal, e-Terminal is a digital delivery system that is non-hierarchical, non-linear, interactive and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its non-hierarchical character allows our customers to obtain information at their own convenience and its interactive aspects allow our customers to exchange information with Westports.

e-Terminal which comprises of e-Berthing, e-Submit, e-SSR, e-Loading, e-Deliver Order, e-Gate Pass, e-PreArrival, e-TDR and e-Billing were developed in-house. Through e-Berthing, shipping lines can view the real time and planned vessel berthing status. With the availability of real time information, shipping lines can transparently pre-plan their berths with Westports.

Alternatively to EDI, e-Submit allows for the submission of discharge and loading information electronically via the Internet. To cater to disparate formats used by different shipping lines, the robust e-Submit data-mapping engine can map any format. Upon submission, verifications and validations are done up-front, instant corrections can be made should there be any discrepancies.

e-Special Service Request (e-SSR) provides shipping lines with the ability to manage changes on-line therefore maintaining integrity and traceability hence reducing the logistic time taken for paper-based submission.

Our integrated container terminal operations system simplifies and eliminates the submission of loading information through the e-Loading by automatically creating the loading list. This streamlined process enables vessel planning and yard planning to be commenced before the documentation cut-off time, thus leading to better efficiency and productive resource allocation.

In line with Westports's strategic objectives to create a simplified and paperless environment, the e-Delivery Order (e-DO) system for import enables on-line issuance by shipping lines thus replacing the paper-based Delivery Order (DO).

Seamlessly integrated to Royal Malaysian Custom's system, for release and clearance of containers and e-Gate Pass for the issuance of terminal release document, this streamlined process eliminates the use of paper-based DO and the presence of the forwarding agents at Westports.

The e-PreArrival feature enable hauliers to make appointments before collecting inbound and dropping their outbound containers with the benefits of reducing their turnaround time and waiting time.

The e-Terminal Departure Report (e-TDR) is available for shipping lines to view and download upon vessel departure. In addition to the quick dissemination of departure reports, it also acts as a centralized data repository.

The e-Billing feature enables customers to access their billing and account information on-line. It is designed and innovated in-house to cater for our customers with the purpose to streamlining and improving the billing services.
The mobile - on the go - version of the e-Terminal portal

The mobile version was officially launched on 10.09.2015 and it allows access to our customers anytime and anywhere from their smartphones. It is available for android in Google Play. The mobile version is the most convenient way to access the traditional Westports e-Terminal Plus website directly through smartphones across the globe. It consists of popular searches with real time information suitable for mobile users.