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Value Added Services

Bulk Storage

Bulk Storage
Westports has handled 10.9 mil tonnes of bulk cargoes in year 2017. We are specialized in handling steel, timber, agriculture and mineral cargoes.

A total of 270,000 sq ft of covered warehouse and 740,000 sq ft of open yard facility is available for storage of bulk cargoes in Westports. Round-the-clock surveillance through a comprehensive network of safety and security components assures the high level of security towards customers' goods.
On-Dock Depot (ODD)

On-Dock Depot (ODD)
The On-Dock Depot facilities provide the avenue for main shipping lines and feeder operators to store their empty boxes within the terminal to cater for both transshipment and local demand. In total, there are approximately 50 acres of land that serve as ODDs which are being run by 8 independent operators to manage the storage space besides providing other services like repair, maintenance and washing.

An automated-online trucking appointment system known as Haulage-Depot Booking System (HDBS) has been developed and introduced in the early 2012 to facilitate, improvise and expedite the entire processes of submitting the Container Movement Order (CMO), creating the truck appointment and preparing the right equipment for pick-up. This initiative is deemed to have escalated the efficiency and quality of service level of both ODDs and haulage community to meet the increasing needs for faster turnaround of boxes by the logistics and industrial players.
Port Police

Port Police
The safety and security measures at Westports are of international standards befitting a world-class port. Westports Police, Fire & Rescue and EHS Department, established under the provision of the Police Act 1990 and Privatisation Agreement 1994, is empowered to keep the port and Pulau Indah safe and crime free.

Among the responsibilities of Westports' Port Police department are:
  • Security of vessels and cargoes.
  • Safeguarding the office building, distriparks and other properties.
  • Industrial safety, fire protection & prevention aspects.
  • Patrolling services for the companies within the port premises, industrial area and residential area at Pulau Indah.
  • Traffic control at Pulau Indah road.
  • Standby duty at liquid bulk terminal and dangerous goods storage area.
  • Ambulance services for port users and staffs.
  • Crime prevention consultancy for commercial sectors in Westports.
  • Provide escort services.
  • Fire audit for private warehouses.
  • On land and underwater rescue operations.
  • Provide MSDS consultancy on dangerous cargo handling, transportation and storage Conduct trainings on security, port police, industrial safety, fire prevention & rescue training for port users and staffs.
  • Join operations with police department in curbing index and maritime crime.
  • Processing of port pass.
  • Processing of smart card security system (SCSS).
  • Processing Visitor Management System (VMS) at conventional gate.

Refrigerated container or commonly known as reefer is a type of containers handled at the terminal. It's used for the transportation of temperature sensitive cargoes. The reefer containers are stacked at the specially designed platforms providing good infrastructure for electricity cabling and it allows easy access to attend plugging and unplugging operation.

A reliable power source ensures an uninterrupted power supply to keep the cargos' integrity. Westports provides the below services for reefer containers at our terminal:
  • 2,428 reefer points.
  • Dedicated trained technicians to support and monitor the reefer boxes for 24 hours.
  • Customized power – off duration.
  • Automated plugging and unplugging activities.
  • Assigned contractors for reefer monitoring.
  • Controlled Atmosphere (CA) boxes – oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide level.
  • Super freezer probe reading.
  • Cold wave reefers.
  • Organic peroxide handling & monitoring.
  • Check for humidity / ventilation / sticker information (class information).

Customers shall check the status of the reefer boxes through the E-Terminal Plus (ETP) system.

Westports provides bunkering services whereby we supply fuel for ships docking at the terminal. We are one of the pioneer ports in Malaysia to provide this facility since 1997.

Our bunker operators provide fuel by barges with capacity ranging from 500 to 5000 tonnes. They provide two types of bunker products namely fuel oil (500cst, 380cst, 180cst and 80cst) and marine gas oil, which meets the international standard of ISO 8217.

Westports Distripark provides storage services, warehousing, facilitates consolidation and deconsolidation of cargoes being operated by Konsortium Logistics Berhad (KLB). It is located within the free commercial zone and closer to the container terminal.

Our Distripark provides 500,000 sqft of covered warehouse, 7 acres of open yard for container staging and cold room temperature - control facility for storage of perishable items.

The Distripark is easily accessible by extensive network of expressways including Konsortium Expressway Shah Alam Selangor (KESAS), Federal Highway, North-Klang-Valley Expressway (NKVE) and South-Klang-Valley Expressway (SKVE). These major highways connect the distripark to the main industrial areas around Klang Valley and Nilai. The distripark is also equipped with railway connection from Northern to Southern Region.
One-Stop Business Centre (BC)

One-Stop Business Centre (BC)
Since inception in 1994, Westports has taken a pro-active initiative to build a three-storey commercial building located adjacent to our main administrative office-tower. The main objective is to consolidate all the relevant government agencies, enforcement bodies, shipping lines and other logistics service providers to be stationed under one-roof to facilitate the clearance of importation and exportation of goods.

The Westports Documentation Center (WDC) and Call Center that operates 24 hours daily ia available to serve the port community better. The Smart-Card Security System (SCSS), Electronic Gate Pass (eGP) and Electronic Special Service Request (eSSR) are introduced at a later stage to ensure the integrity of container released to the authorized party and eliminate the distance barrier as practically forwarding agents do not have to be physically present at the counter for clearance of shipments.

Amongst the agencies that are inaugurated at the Business Centre include the Royal Customs Department, Immigration Department, Marine Department, Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services (MAQIS), and Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM). In order to facilitate the examination and inspection requirements by these government agencies, Westports has developed an online system (eISP) which is linked to the main terminal system to provide faster and reliable information of the shipments' statuses.
Container Freight Station (CFS)

Container Freight Station (CFS)
Westports plays the intermediate role in the global distribution of cargos by providing facilities for shipping lines and their customers to consolidate and break-bulking within the Free Commercial Zone (FCZ). The inception of Container Freight Station (CFS) encompassing 120,000 square feet of covered warehouse is vital in the supply chain to cater for below services:

  • Transit point for global cargo distribution plying international and regional shipping routes.
  • Deventing of cargos within the terminal for distribution to multiple local consignees.
  • Bonded service facility for cargo consolidation and break-bulking activities.
  • Trans-loading due to restriction by receiving countries on the Certificate of Origin (CO).
  • As Regional Distribution Center (RDC) providing value added services such as labeling and repackaging.

Westports also provides internal drayage services to facilitate movements of containers to and from Container Yard and On-Dock Depot to support the CFS activities. Equipped with 24 terminal tractors and 5 reach stackers operating 24 hours round-the-clock has ensured fast turnaround of boxes to catch the vessel closing time.